Bleeding Cool!

I was fortunate enough to meet Rich Johnston a week or two ago, the man behind the comic and film site, and I’m proud to announce that as of this Friday he’s going to be running a regular-ish column by myself, kissing and telling (mostly telling, really) all about my work as an Extra in films and TV.

Expect gossip.

Expect glam.

Expect drama.

Expect ranting.

Expect arrows.

Expect you’ll enjoy it.

Part 1 goes into gory detail of last year’s ‘Robin Hood’. Warts, wenches ‘n’ all.

That’s this Friday 19th, at

Be ye there or be ye a rectangular shape.


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2 Responses to Bleeding Cool!

  1. BC reader says:


    “You’re an extra dude.

    Accept that.

    Expecting all the stuff you expected on that Robin Hood shoot was like expecting to always have a golden toilet seat at your disposal.

    If you are an extra on a huge movie like that you ARE cattle. Accept that you CHOSE to do that as a job and move on.

    Listening to you witter on, pissing and moaning about wanting to be treated like the big stars and crew…just proves to me WHY you are an extra and nothing else.

    Imagine heating meals and keeping them hot for hundreds of extras and STILL meet shooting schedules and deadlines it would take HOURS out of the shoot time. Imagine if you DID snag a filtered coffee bag from the bigger wigs…and then of course everyone wants one and the costs of the film jumps each day giving hundreds of extras that much more expensive stuff.

    Those people you are moaning about getting the better stuff effing WORKED their way to that position. Perhaps you ought to shut your mouth, and work hard too, and one day you might be one of those people yourself.

    God that was the most pathetic, whiney-ass post I have ever had to read on BC.

    Bleeding Cool could do without you.”

  2. Buggerlugs says:

    Im slightly amused something you wrote riled this guy up enough to write a HUGE response. I bet hes one of those freaks that dives on youtube comments with a “FIRST” seriously, do you honestly believe Paul NEEDED your opinion? leave the guy be, he is just writing about his experiences, those of us interested ARE interested therefore your negative comments are just childish and sound like a bitter 50yr old obese guy who dreamed of acting but never made it unless theres a “old guy sat in basement scouring the internet for porn” role. Cheer up man, try being positive and not leaving ignorant pathetic bitchy comments. Go eat some chocolate for your man PMS.

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