Name Our Van!

Mark and the Van

IN ABOUT A WEEK, I will be joining my brother in lovely New Zealand. Completing The Almighty Trinity will be our trusty (hopefully!) campervan, who will be escorting us all around the country as we follow the World Cup.

It needs a name. 

What shall we call it? Or what shall we call us?

Something very English, something classic, something proud. What do you think??


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Writer, wanderer, whatever.

7 Responses to Name Our Van!

  1. CGS says:

    The Tardis?

  2. The Re-tardis more like?!

  3. CGS says:

    That could work.

  4. Tinkerbelle says:

    Bangers & Mash

  5. Bangers and Mash makes us sound like a strange cop duo…

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